Why “Pretty Little Liars” Has This Adult Mystery Lover Hooked…

A Review of ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” by Tiffany A. White The insurgence of YA mysteries on TV these days receives a DVR priority in this Young Adult mystery writer’s house. Thankfully, ABC Family provides young mystery lovers [...]

“Teen Wolf” – Not Just Teen TV

A Review of MTV’s “Teen Wolf” by Tiffany A. White MTV’s Teen Wolf is not just television for teens… We all remember the 1985 comedy starring Michael J. Fox, right? MTV promised to use the generalized idea behind the ’80s Teen Wolf, [...]

Why it’s Justified to Watch “Justified”

A Review of FX’s “Justified” by Tiffany A. White Happy 2014!! When I watch certain TV shows, I can’t stop thinking about how much I enjoy their particular characters… mainly due to the relationships between the good and the evil—whatever [...]

Will You Follow “The Following” to Season Two?

A Review of Fox’s “The Following” by Tiffany A. White Today I want to feature a show that I am looking forward to returning in the 2014 TV season… The Following… In The Following, former FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon, um… from [...]

A Hunted Species Fighting to Survive… “The Tomorrow People”

A Review of The CW’s “The Tomorrow People” by Tiffany A. White Based on the British series of the same name, The Tomorrow People follows a group of kids who have evolved into the supernatural with special abilities. And while these select [...]

Following “The Originals” to New Orleans…

A Review of The CW’s “The Originals” by Tiffany A. White For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of the supernatural on TV. Since the conclusion of Charmed and Buffy, I found a small void in my television viewing that needed [...]

Solving “Major Crimes” on TNT

A Review of TNT’s “Major Crimes” by Tiffany A. White Today I’m jumping in with a TNT series that returned to TV this week—Major Crimes. Following the conclusion of Brenda Leigh Johnson’s story in The Closer, Captain Sharon Raydor [...]

Greek culture, book signing and wine tasting!

CHARLES BLACKSTONE PRESENTS “VINTAGE ATTRACTION” AT NATIONAL HELLENIC MUSEUM A novel about love and wine in the vineyards of Santorini   CHICAGO, IL – Charles Blackstone will discuss his new novel, Vintage Attraction, which is a semi-auto [...]

What’s up with “Ravenswood” and its Curse?

A Review of ABC Family’s “Ravenswood” by Tiffany A. White Today I’m jumping in with one of my most anticipated shows of the season—Ravenswood. I love Pretty Little Liars… and now, I *kinda* have a second hour of PLL to watch every [...]

A Review of Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow”

A Review of Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” by Tiffany A. White Today I’m jumping in with one of the most anticipated shows of the season—Sleepy Hollow. After 250 years in a “dead” slumber, Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) returns to the town [...]